At CrossFit Clan Performance Center your safety and progress as an athlete is our top priority.  To that end, prior to participating in our CrossFit Clan program every member will perform an assessment with one of our highly trained CrossFit coaches to determine your starting point and any necessary modifications or scaling unique to you.  If you have no previous CrossFit experience or exposure to some of the fundamental CrossFit movements, you will be required to go through our CrossFit Clan Foundations program.  You will have the opportunity to "test out" of this program during your assessment.  We strongly encourage you to participate in this program regardless of your fitness level or athletic background, as it will will ensure your safety and preparedness for entering our CrossFit Clan program and make your transition a smooth one.  


Our CrossFit Clan Foundation program is 4 one hour sessions which you will complete over a one week period. The program is an introduction to the fundamentals of CrossFit and is designed to teach you the fundamentals, philosophies and methodology of following our CrossFit Clan program.  Over the course of the 4 sessions you will cover the 9 foundational movements and numerous other skills we use in CrossFit and scaled variations of these exercises. You will learn the proper mechanics (skills and technique) of all foundational movements and some introduction to Olympic Weightlifting. Once we are confident that there is consistency to perform the mechanics, we then introduce intensity.  During each session you will have up to 40 minutes of individualized coaching, and will then be introduced to the workout of the day or WOD. These WODs will gradually increase in difficulty over the 4 sessions.


CrossFit Clan Foundation classes are by appointment and are at the following times:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday @7:00pm and Saturday @10:30am.


Note: Fees are waived for Our CrossFit Clan Foundations Program for anyone signing up for a 12 month membership commitment.  See our membership office for more information.


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